SAP Business One Implementation

3 Keys to Successful SAP Business One Implementation

The success of any business depends on how well its different departments work together toward shared outcomes. With SAP Business One implementation, companies can build a common language and streamline business processes between departments, all in the name of sparking desired business growth. On a micro level, these integrated systems

Disabled young african american man in wheelchair using computer while sitting at his working table. people with disabilities

“Avatar Effect” – Remote Work and People With Disabilities

In Spain, telecommuting has become a powerful tool for allowing people with disabilities to work from home. The fight against Covid-19 has taught us some surprising lessons. Among the most important is that there are no longer any physical barriers preventing talent from flourishing. Inclusive culture has arrived like an

SAP Business One Mobility Options

Mobile Options for SAP Business One

A strategy that helps an entrepreneur to connect into an integrated core business process on the go on their mobile phones, iOS or Android, Consultare offers a ready-to-use SAP Business One Mobile Application, a solution for your specific job roles to thrive better with your ERP system in the highly

Why does Elon Musk talk about colonizing Mars

The creator of Tesla and co-founder of Paypal, Elon Musk, has dared to dream of a utopia. This is what anyone who runs a business should be doing. And the pandemic has only reminded us of the value of ambitious thinking. 18 years ago, when Elon Musk founded an electric

organizational culture

Strengthening Organizational Culture in the Age of Remote Work

Building an organizational culture should be the goal of every organization – and the responsibility of every leader. A strong organizational culture is the secret ingredient that allows companies to compete and thrive in their markets. But in a pandemic, this difficult task has become even harder. How can you

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