10 SAP Business One Functions That Are Incredibly Powerful

If you use SAP Business One, you’re probably well aware of the many advantages it offers as a premier ERP solution. But did you know that there are a number of highly useful functions in this system that many users aren’t familiar with?

And if your business hasn’t adopted SAP Business One yet, don’t worry. This post will provide a preview of its robust features and perhaps will persuade you to take a closer look at this solution.

10 of SAP Business One’s lesser-known but extremely effective functions

1. Activities

Manage your day-to-day business by creating a list of tasks that are associated with a customer, vendor, or internal user. You can select a predefined task or create a new one and assign it to the person you choose, and he or she will be sent a notification within a specified time period. This function is helpful not only for general task assignment and follow-up but also for sales, service, collections, and any other business processes that you define.

2. Recurring Transactions

Automate repetitive sales, purchasing, and inventory transactions and create as many recurring transactions as your business requires using this function. On the designated date of a given transaction, the system shows a pop-up task list related to recurring transactions after you have logged in. You can finalize the transaction from this pop-up list.

3. Payment Wizard

Streamline vendor payments with this wizard. It is sufficiently flexible for you to adjust its predefined steps and selection criteria in the cash flow management process. On the date of a payment run, the system processes all vendor invoices due for payment and will either print checks or send bank transfers to complete payment.

4. Procurement Confirmation Wizard

Automatically create procurement documents such as purchase quotations, purchase orders, or production orders directly from sales orders. You can include part or all of the items from the sales order in the newly created procurement document.

5. Dunning Wizard

Create and send time-specific letters and reminders to customers who are past due on their debts. You can automatically post dunning letter fees or post-service invoices for interest. The wizard also helps you track a customer’s “payment behavior” over time.

6. Inventory Counting and Posting

Count your physical stock and reconcile it with your inventory records using a step-by-step process. A list of items to be inventoried is printed out, and the physical stock is counted and verified. You upload the inventory quantities into the system and review any differences. You can then post the quantities in an inventory posting document in which the system’s inventory records are updated across all items and warehouses.

7. Price Lists

Use any or all of the 10 default price lists available in SAP Business One. You can define new price lists or delete existing ones as well as link various price lists to each other using multiplication factors. In addition, you can specify up to three prices with different currencies and set different prices for each item’s unit of measurement. Having this flexibility in setting up price lists allows you to offer customers prices customized just for them.

8. Pick and Pack

Increase your productivity by automating the processing of sales orders, reserve invoices, production orders, and inventory transfer requests. From creating pick lists to packing items for shipment and creating accounts receivable invoices, this function processes sales orders in a smooth and timely way.

9. Alternate Item with Match %

Use this function to develop a list of alternate items with assigned matching percentages when your original product is unavailable, so you are able to offer your customers suitable substitutes.

10. Service Requests

Track customer complaints from receipt of complaints to their resolution in an orderly way. This function provides insight into symptoms of the customer’s problem, root cause, action in response to the complaint, expenses incurred, and so on. You can also use this function to track internal requests, such as maintenance calls. Another tracking option is for warranty support for equipment supplied to your customers.

Both the little-known and the popular functionalities of SAP Business One can make an enterprise’s business processes perform efficiently and smoothly. If you’d like to know more about how this solution can work for your business, contact us at Consultare, an SAP Gold Channel Partner with a Recognized Expertise award for SAP Business One.

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