SAP Business One – Main Benefits

Capture all of your business information in a single, scalable system Automate and accelerate your end-to-end business processes Manage inventory and fixed assets efficiently Improve decision-making and customer satisfaction with real-time insights Supercharge application performance and analytics with in-memory technology Give employees on-the-go access to SAP Business One with our mobile app Get up and running in just 2 to 8 weeks – and customize your solution with over 600 add-ons.

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SAP Business One Support

Consultare provides support and enhancements to current SAP Business One implementations.  From standard upgrades to migrations to Hana, Consultare can help you.


Install and implement SAP Business One

 Install and implement SAP Business One quickly and easily with the “SAP Business One Accelerated Implementation Program”, a comprehensive implementation methodology created by SAP. The methodology has been designed to serve as a guideline for the system setup and implementation process.

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Process Manufacturing

SAP Business One can manage formulation, recipes, quality control, Co-Products, By-Product and Scrap, Routing and Resource Management, Batch Control and Traceability, ingredient declaration, Product Costing and Production Scheduling.

Available for Hana & SQL Server.

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Warehouse Management Solution

To excel in today’s highly competitive global market, your company needs a flexible and integrated warehouse management solution that supports all industry-specific logistic processes.

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Advantages of having your E-Commerce integrated into SAP Business One: Manage your information from one central location;  Obtain more control of your operation; Reduce time and avoid mistakes in managing orders, business partners master data, price lists, item master data, & inventory; No more double entry of information; Manage your customers more efficiently, and provide higher level of customer satisfaction;

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We Implement Solutions For Your Every Day Problems

SAP Business One Hana provides you and your team a better, faster way to manage your company, provide customer service, analyze your data, obtain better results and become more profitable. There are two options for SAP Business One Hana: for those who are only interested in the Analytics; SAP offers an SAP Business One Analytics version. This will provide an instance to create all analytics, but you company will still run in SQL Server.

The SAP Business One Hana version is a more powerful version, feature rich, and with over 1500 implementations has become the leader EPR with in-memory database, and the first one.

To complement your investment in SAP Business One Hana, you will find that many of the current solution providers have already their certified Hana version of their industry solution.

for SAP Business One on Hana


SPEED, Operate faster, faster analytics, improve management decisions


ESCALATE HIGHER, start small think big!


INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS, Implement certified SAP Business One Hana Industry Solutions


EXTENSIBILITY, The Hana platform allows easier integration of HTML5 developed solutions


Faster RoI of your investment

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